Penny’s reflection of inequality and poverty

Throughout this topic my attitude towards poverty and inequality has changed. Before studying this I associated economic growth and GDP with greater living standards and thought that countries that had higher economic growth enjoyed a happier society. However now I realise that growth is inextricably linked to inequality, in fact some of the worlds most developed economies such as the USA and the UK  although have successful economic growth, are the worst most unequal societies that greatly suffer from issues such as crime, obesity, poverty and general unhappiness within society.



2 thoughts on “Penny’s reflection of inequality and poverty

  1. I think in the near future inequality will get drastically worse primarily due to the political climate around the world, especially in countries such as the USA and the UK where right wing governments are increasing taking a more free market approach and plan to reducing taxes particularly to the those on the highest incomes. If these policies fully materialise inequality will become far worse for future generations.


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